New Honda CRF250L motorcycle!

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Collected my brand new 2017 Honda CRF250L motorcycle.

It has been a long time coming. Today, I collected my new motorcycle from the Honda dealer in Newcastle upon Tyne.

It's a 2017 model of the Honda CRF250LA in red, but not just any old red; according to the manufacturer, it's extreme red!

Riding the bike away from the dealer, I felt both excitement and a little shaky with a bike that is unfamiliar, especially considering it's brand new, needs running in, and tyres need scrubbing. It was only five miles, but it felt so, so good to ride!

My flat doesn't have a garage, so I've been hiring a shipping container, which has the added benefit of being super secure. First thing I noticed is the handlebars are too wide for the single-door entrance! No bother though; push bars left, through the door, then push bars right. The red beast is home safe and sound---job done!

That evening, my first proper ride was out to Tynemouth and Whitley Bay on the coast. The two things I noticed were that it feels much lighter and less powerful than my 1999 Honda CBR600F. No surprise really as they're very different machines! I did feel like a slight plum as I was wearing my leathers, which didn't really suit the dual sport image! It became apparent that the seat is very firm and I can see that it requires attention, which is common for many CRF250L riders.

I'm thinking of a name for the bike. My family have suggested a few. I have a few ideas.

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