Before a longer ride today, I sorted out carrying water and tools. I added a luggage rack to the rear and secured my Kriega bag to fit two liters of water and my tool roll. Job done

Next, I replaced the stock oil drain plug with a magnetic one. Even with lubrication in the engine, tiny metallic particles come off the engine. This is particularly the case with a new engine whilst it is run in. To prevent these particles from moving around the engine, I installed a magnetic drain plug. It will be interesting to see what comes out at the first service at 600 miles.

Today, I headed North and took the back roads to Morpeth then Blyth. I admit I'm slightly cautious about going far without necessary tools for repairing a flat tyre. Gorgeous weather The photos above were taken next to the sea in the village of Cambois in Northumberland, UK.

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