New stomping ground

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A lot has changed over the passed month!

After 3.5 years of working for Newcastle University, I left to finish preparations for my round the world journey on a motorcycle. By this time, I had sold my Honda CBR600F, all my furniture, fridge, old clothes, bicycle, and any other possessions I could think of that I no longer needed. Keys were returned to my landlord, and my brother helped me relocate what little I had left to my Dad's place in Banbury.

I now have a new stomping ground! I have been living with Dad for nearly three weeks and it's been an absolute laugh! The preparations have allowed me time to run in the bike and do the first service. I've modified the bike further, and will add this content somewhere else on the website.

My vaccinations are underway... and there lots of needles! I had four needles in one visit!

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