First day of RTW shakedown

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Recent preparation has focused on getting my CRF250L and all my gear ready for a shakedown trip in prearation for my round the world (RTW) journey. The route is from Banbury, Oxfordshire up to the North Coast 500 (NC500) in Scotland and I gave myself one week. The aim is to see how the bike, gear, and me work in practice.

Having said goodbye to Dad, I got on the road and headed North. I was absolutely brimming with excitement!

Some 15 miles in and my GPS switched off. My first thought was the switched live cable I spliced and soldered yesterday for powering the GPS had developed a fault. Not good! However, it turned out that the GPS automatically switched off when the destination is reached. I had entered a short route so I could stop and check the luggage was still secured tightly.

Stopped in Buxton for lunch and continued north to Yorkshire. I was keen on finding a spot to camp wild to start developing some experience in finding spots. Well, after one hour of poking around narrow single tracks in rural Yorkshire, I had some candidate spots but nothing I felt comfortable with. I pulled by a chap, who was collecting eggs from his hens, and asked about suitable places to camp. He suggested a farmer down the road who often uses a spare field for campers. I went to the farm, stumped up £5, and shared the field with one other tent.

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