Arrived in France

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My CRF250L motorcycle on the rolling hills near Calais, France.

I pulled up at the ferry terminal raring to go! Gave the person in the booth my details, and I wasn't on their system. Gulp. Turns out, I had pulled up at the DFS booth and not the P & O booth! They let me out the exit and I came back through the P & O booth.

I met some other bikers on the ferry. They showed me the best way to secure my bike to the deck. I shared my Biking Over Yonder page with them!

Arrived in France about midday, so had a gentle amble this afternoon. The main aim was to stay on the right side of the road!

Stopped for lunch just outside a village where I could see the ferries arriving.

There seemed to be lots of dirt bikes in Calais. I would have to check, but I think the French law is similar to the UK in that a CBT allows riding small engine bikes.

Found a camping spot in some woodland, so I was tucked away in between some trees and well out of sight.

Earlier in the day, I found a tin of Cassoulet in a shop. When my parents lived in Kent, they would go on day trips to France and purchase lots of Cassoulet, as well as Confit du Canard. Cassoulet is slow cooked white beans, sausage, and duck. I opted for the pork Cassoulet because it was 40% of the price of duck!

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