A late rise today as I didn't sleep too well last night with the rain. I was adamant that I heard a group of 3-4 walk past last night, but no tracks this morning. I must have dreamt it! The tent was soaking when I packed it away, which isn't great for the tent. Should be OK if I dry it out at lunch or this evening.

When it comes to packing up, I have now figured out that packing my panniers when attached to the bike doesn't work for me. I can't pack items efficiently so they fill the bag uniformly, so not everything fits. I now pack the panniers off the bike then attach to the bike. Slower but it works.

I pulled up by a river in a town for lunch and the local wildlife joined me!

Saw blue flashing lights behind me today... ambulance... phew; for me at least. I have all the bits that the French law require, but I'd prefer not to go through the motions.

Followed the sat nav onto a toll road today. That cost me 2.41 euros! Nice road, I guess, but I've now set the sat nav to avoid toll roads.

My phone struggles to get signal. I'm connecting from the countryside, which would explain it; however, it happened in a town today.

Used the water purifier for the first time on this trip. It was from a flowing stream in a vacated livestock field. I wouldn't have risked it without my water purifier.

French bikers have a different greeting when riding. In the UK, a node is very common. Some love it; some hate it. In France, it's a hand wave (sometimes used in UK) with two fingers sideways like a sideways V sign. Hadn't encountered it in the UK, so new to me!

Made an embarrassing mistake in the supermarket today... forgot to weigh the fruit! The lady behind me in the queue very kindly escorted me to the scales whilst the lady at the till very patiently waited for me. I was incredibly grateful to both of them!

Found a wild camping spot within 10-15 minutes from pulling off main road. Super quick! One side of my tent is in view of tractors on the fields about 0.5-1 mile away. This turned out not to be a good spot because a vehicle drove by just before I went to bed. They didn't stop. I didn't get out the tent to look. Definitely perturbed and heart was racing! Nothing became of it, but I need to be more out of site next time! Anyway, the land was very flat and the next morning I watched the sunrise.

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