Minor challenges

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Whilst cleaning my pans after cooking tuna and tomato pasta, I noticed some drips had appeared on the rear wheel. The chain lube had leaked inside my pannier and was resting on the seat after unpacking. Fortunately, I put the lube in a bag in case of such problems. I scrubbed the lube off the tyre, seat, and other items from my spare parts bag.

Tried using my external battery bank to charge a device for first time and it didn't work. It didn't charge, wouldn't switch on, LEDs wouldn't light up etc. The only thing it did was smoke when I tried to charge the battery bank! Will need to replace this.

Made a friend whilst riding today... I shared my helmet with a wasp on the motorway! It flew in at lower speeds around a town when my visor was up to get some fresh, cool air. Thought I got rid of it; obviously not!

Only minor challenges. I imagine this is part of a steep learning curve.

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