Shattered from lots of riding

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I charged my phone on the USB charger I installed on motorcycle before leaving. It was a quick installation where I connected it directly to the battery. This means when the engine is off, the battery will still charge the USB device, and drain the battery. My GPS is connected to a switched live cable, so the GPS device stops charging when the engine is switched off. The USB charger isn't ideal, but it's a temporary solution.

There were three sets of police with speed guns over about 15 miles. This was on a main road that ran parallel with a toll road. I was alerted to this by oncoming bikers, thankfully. I wasn't going fast but I was now extra vigilant.

More wild camping today. I stopped over just north of Cahor. An opening in a wooded area. Very quiet apart from the crickets!

It's Sunday today, so pretty much all shops are closed. I was lucky to find a supermarche open this morning.

Covered lots of miles, and absolutely shattered from riding today!

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