Staying connected whilst travelling

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This is day five and I'm definitely still finding me feet!

I've developed a runny nose and slightly sore throat. Nothing major, just an annoyance when my nose drips! The quality of sleep from camping probably doesn't help much either!

My aim is to give an update each week, but I've really struggled with getting signal on my phone. Data roaming is enabled, my provider confirmed it was enabled at their end, and I only get signal for 60 seconds when I boot the phone. Finding free WiFi is a bit of a chore too and generally the quality is low. It's been a challenge for staying connected online when travelling. Anyway, Graham, a mate from Newcastle suggested using McDonald's WiFi, so here I am charging my device and online—woohoo! I've been camping wild, so I don't have the luxury of power or internet in my accommodation!

To finish off some updates to the blog, I hunted down another McDonald's in Toulouse. This is when I met Patrick and Cathy. They were going for a stroll through the McDonalds car park whilst grabbing a refreshment in the form of cans of beer. Patrick was very impressed with the bike, and I got the impression Cathy had the hots for me when she reached out to touch my chest hair. Anyway, genuinely friendly people, but I had to move on.

Took two hours to find a camping spot today. Well out of sight, which is ideal, but the road is quite noisy.

I have acquired 15-20 bites on each hip and my back from something. Not sure what bit me or when that happened!

Speaking of wildlife, the next morning, I had a stow away on board! Glad I spotted this slug before I jumped on the bike!

A slug on my Honda CRF250L motorcycle.

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