The Pyrenees

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I slept in today because my camping spot was very well hidden so I felt happy doing so. This was well needed! As I left today, the grass was about a foot long and the ground was very uneven. I dropped the bike twice just covering a short distance. My choice of a small bike (~150 Kg) rather than the popular big adventure bikes (~250 Kg) really paid off as I was able to lift the bike and get going again. Couldn't see any damage, but I was slightly frustrated with myself as I think I was going too fast. I went slower with my feet down and this worked. Adrenalin pumping and sweat flowing, I was now ready for the first mile of the day!

Spent most of the day humming along at 50 mph. A much more relaxed pace and it was better for fuel economy too.

All of a sudden, I spotted The Pyrenees mountains looming on the horizon. They appeared white from a distance but as I edged nearer, I could the see green canvas of trees draped across each peak. Riding at the foot of the mountains, I could smell the vibrant, fresh pine trees. I couldn't stop smiling! The roads followed alongside the natural paths of the rivers as the carved in between the mountains. The Pyrenees is a mountain range with many miles of fantastic roads to ride. I only covered one route through them, but this seems like a brilliant playground for motorcyclists.

View of the Pyrenees (France) from a hairpin corner.
View of the Pyrenees (France).
View of the Pyrenees (France) from a hairpin corner.

Lots of villages advertised ski services of some sort. I stopped in a village called Cadeilhan-Trachere for a well-needed bathroom break. The roads became even better from there on. They snaked up and down the mountain sides with back-to-back hairpins. Keeping my eyes on the road was a huge challenge with the incredible scenery unfolding all around me.

Then came the tunnel! A few miles long, and nothing to look at apart from the rear of the car in front. However, the tunnel led to Spain where the beautiful blue rivers continued. I immediately noticed that fuel appears to be 15-20% cheaper!

As I left Ainsa to find a camping spot, I couldn't help but notice the unfortunate, familiar smell of pig farms. I rode past two! My previous job involved collaborating with pig farms, so I know the smell all too well!

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