Stopover in Barbastro

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After packing up camp, I headed back into Ainsa. I was convinced I could smell the nearby pig farms in the town centre! The purpose of returning to Ainsa was to find a cheap place to stay online rather than just turning up to somewhere expensive. I also changed the GPS map to Spain. This proved to be problematic and the result was a GPS device with no map. So, I headed to a nearby town to find another a McDonald's or anywhere with WiFi.

I ended up having a stopover in Barbastro. I happened to pass a lodging house with a motorcycle mural on a garage door. Aha! After trying the WiFi in a local supermarket, I decided to enquire at the lodging house. The price was fair, so I grabbed a room. The motorcycle was very secure and I was happy with that.

The stop over gave me time to fix the GPS, upload multiple blog posts, catch up with family and friends, check emails, wash clothes, and wash myself!

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