Going the wrong way with my GPS!

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On the road by 0900 today.

I passed a village with very traditional buildings that looked like it hadn't changed in years. In the distance, the hills were dotted with wind turbines and solar panels. The view was a stark difference between current and past times.

I rode a fantastic stretch of road on the N-330 between Teruel and Torrebaja. I really recommend this stretch if you're in the area; however, it's fairly short. Lots of corners and lush vegetation. It didn't feel like Spain; it felt somewhere more like central America!

I set a point on my GPS, which was a very reasonably priced campsite. As I was a few miles off, I noticed the destination was the middle of a motorway! I suspect I entered the coordinates incorrectly. Many miles wasted from going the wrong way with my GPS. From now on, I really need to check it looks correct before departure. I've never been a fan of digital devices for navigation! I have paper maps as backups for Africa, but not for Europe.

Anyway, for the past 15 miles, I had taken a gamble that the lightly spitting rain would not develop into anything stronger. The wind had now picked up and more grey clouds had appeared from the horizon. I decided to put on my waterproof liner. I was parked opposite a restaurant at a motorway services, so I moved to the other side of the car park to be out of site from diners. My trousers were down as I was feeding the liner into the trousers and a man walking his dog walked passed me. I had no idea where he came from him! He said a few sentences in Spanish with a friendly smile. I didn't know what to do, so I smiled with a light, awkward laugh. I'm sure he saw the funny side of the situation!

I soon found a camping spot and was watered, fed and tucked up in bed.

Tomorrow is Sunday, so I've stocked up on food :) I'll have an empanada for breakfast, which is one of my favourites!

At the end of each day, my socks, underwear, and t-shirt are soaked. I had been hanging them through the hoops on the inside of my tent, which worked well enough. However, I've improved it by constructing a clothes line from paracord.

Drying my clothes and underwear inside my tent.

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