Before leaving the hostel, I took full advantage of the buffet breakfast. I had two pain au chocolat, three pastry things, a roll with butter and marmalade, coffee and orange juice. I also filled up my hydration bag in the hotel room. Watered and fed; I was happy.

Leaving Jaen, I was soon in Granada. Lots of traffic in Granada. Much more than I expected. People on foot at traffic lights approaching vehicles to sell stuff. I prefer exploring the smaller towns, which are more relaxed.

I had some tasks to complete before entering Africa. I bought a sun hat with a wide brow and tested my credit and prepaid cards. Had some lunch in a park. Just peanut butter on rye bread with cucumber and a banana.

I left the hustle and bustle of Granada to find somewhere to camp. I headed west and refueled en route. All the fuel stations I have visited in Spain, have an attendant who fills up your vehicle for you. Very different to the UK! Today, I had to fill my own tank. No problem with that, it's just that I had got used to the attendant doing it.

After a bit of searching in some fairly strong heat and traversing sand for the first time, I found this beautiful spot. There was some litter around but the views were superb. The olive trees are easy to see on the hill.

Nemo Dagger 2P tent pitched next to my Honda CRF250L motorcycle by a lake in Spain.
Nemo Dagger 2P tent pitched next to my Honda CRF250L motorcycle by a lake in Spain.

My chain hadn't been lubricated since leaving the UK, so I applied chain wax after pulling up for the day. I tested my stove next to the water and it seemed to work as normal. It was slower in heating food, but the wind made it a challenge. For diner, I had a slight variation of something that has become a favourite. Pasta with tomatoes, tinned fish, extra virgin olive oil, chilli powder, and smoked paprika. Delicious and easy to clean the mess tin. Cheap too!

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