Camping on the hills above Marbella

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I packed up camp, and ate a light breakfast of one fine-tasting apple, so that I could get going quickly. I was delayed on the track leading to the road because there was a fig tree! The best tasting figs I've ever experienced.

Figs growing on a tree in Spain.

Today marks two weeks into the trip! I guess that's why I had the following treat... A few miles down the road, a group of about 20 bikers roared passed on Harleys, tourers, and trikes. I knew I was on a fun road! A few miles after that, a group of four Bugattis drove by, shortly followed by another two. Bugattis are exquisite and rare cars, so I'm incredibly lucky to have seen this many. A quick search online shows that the cheapest Bugatti Veyron is £1.25 million (2007) going up to £2.75 million (2015). My bike cost me £4649 (2018)!

Stopped in Antequera for a food shop and lunch. I had an aged sheep milk cheese on rye bread with cucumber.

I ended up in Marbella today. I tried to ride close to the sea but couldn't catch a glimpse of the beach as there was too much between the road and the beach. Probably just as well for road safety!

Found a cracking camping spot on the hills above Marbella. On one side, I'm greeted by several peaks of hills, and the other side is the city and the sea. I could see the Golden Mile where you can find the fancy nightclubs. My evening in Marbella was very different!

View of mountains near Marbella, Spain.
View of Marbella city, Spain.

I've found cheap tins of beans/lentils with sausage. Really, really tasty. I add vegetables to bump it up. I've used green pepper and carrot here. O yeah, there red peppers in the supermarket are ginormous! They're so big that it wouldn't be good use of space on the bike, unless I demolished most of it in one sitting.

Evening meal of beans, sausages, and vegetables cooked in a mess tin.

Whilst washing up my mess tin, I noticed a nearby nest of ants.

An ant nest near Marbella, Spain.

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