I packed up camp, and ate a light breakfast of one fine-tasting apple, so that I could get going quickly. I was delayed on the track leading to the road because there was a fig tree! The best tasting figs I've ever experienced.

Today marks two weeks into the trip! I guess that's why I had the following treat... A few miles down the road, a group of about 20 bikers roared passed on Harleys, tourers, and trikes. I knew I was on a fun road! A few miles after that, a group of four Bugattis drove by, shortly followed by another two. Bugattis are exquisite and rare cars, so I'm incredibly lucky to have seen this many. A quick search online shows that the cheapest Bugatti Veyron is £1.25 million (2007) going up to £2.75 million (2015). My bike cost me £4649 (2018)!

Stopped in Antequera for a food shop and lunch. I had an aged sheep milk cheese on rye bread with cucumber.

I ended up in Marbella today. I tried to ride close to the sea but couldn't catch a glimpse of the beach as there was too much between the road and the beach. Probably just as well for road safety!

Found a cracking camping spot on the hills above Marbella. On one side, I'm greeted by several peaks of hills, and the other side is the city and the sea. I could see the Golden Mile where you can find the fancy nightclubs. My evening in Marbella was very different!

I've found cheap tins of beans/lentils with sausage. Really, really tasty. I add vegetables to bump it up. I've used green pepper and carrot here. O yeah, there red peppers in the supermarket are ginormous! They're so big that it wouldn't be good use of space on the bike, unless I demolished most of it in one sitting.

Whilst washing up my mess tin, I noticed a nearby nest of ants.

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