Lucky that my chain is OK!

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Last night, I placed a rock on top of my rubbish bag, containing just a tin can, before bed. Whilst nodding off, there was a sound of the tin can toppling over. This morning, I can't see the bag or tin can anywhere. Something stole my rubbish! Need to be more careful next time.

Two empanadas for breakfast. Getting a real taste for them!

Empanadas, Spain.

It was time to replenish water supplies, so I checked the map for water sources. I ended up stopping in a village that had lots of holiday goers. As I was filling up there were mixed looks from passers by: some were happy and said hello, and some were completely bemused! Can't think why ;)

The A-397 from El Madronal to Ronda is an incredible road. Not least because it leads away from the tourist attractions in Marbella, but because there are lots of corners snaking up and down the mountain. I take my hat off to the many cyclists taking this route, must have been very hard going. I found myself in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. You guessed it, lots more mountains, but this time with cattle ranches.

I was lured into a beautiful village called Grazalema that crept up the mountain side.

Viewpoint from Grazalema, Spain.
Casa Conistorial in centre of Grazalem, Spain.
Bull statue in centre of Grazalema, Spain.
Side street in Grazalema, Spain.
Side street in Grazalema, Spain.
Wooden door to residential house in Grazalema, Spain.

Here's a glimpse of the roads leading up to Grazalema.

Twisty roads near Grazalema, Spain.
Twisty roads near Grazalema, Spain.

After I left, a van was repeatedly honking from behind me and getting close at times. I had assumed they were impatient, but at the next junction, the driver pulled up next to me and pointed at my bike. I instantly knew something was wrong. I jumped off my bike, he hopped out of his van and showed me that that my cable lock around my left pannier was loose. The cable had been flapping in the wind and bouncing dangerously close to the motorcycle's chain. I was incredibly lucky it did not come into contact with the chain, which is OK, as that can lead to a serious accident. I thanked him profusely, shook his hand, said goodbye, and secured the cable lock.

Whilst setting up camp, I noticed lots of tiny ants climbing on everything. I'm super vigilant when it comes to opening my tent, as I only open the mosquito net very quickly. I prefer to sleep without the wildlife!

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