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So it turns out there were lots more ants than I first realised last night. My bike was covered in ants! They were traipsing across my panniers, my food bag, inside my food bag (I hadn't secured it fully), my engine, my seat etc. The bike was parked close to shrubs with branches touching the bike. This created a bridge for the ants to find the rubbish bag I had placed on the luggage rack in my attempt to outsmart the wildlife. Wildlife 2; me 0.

I have a small bag for food on the back of my bike, but the storage is limited, so I only purchase small items and quantities. I went into Jerez to explore the option of a top box to increase my storage capacity. I found a small (27 L) plastic top box that was a fair price, available, and it fitted. It's easier for quick access, it's secure, and I can now store more food from the increased storage. Here are photos before and after.

My Honda CRF250L with Kriega US-10 drypack.
My Honda CRF250L with GIVI B27NMAL Monolock top case 27 Litre..

Whilst fixing the top box to the bike, a lad was watching and we got chatting. He was a mechanic student and his name was Jose. I showed him my blog, and he was keen to see videos on YouTube! (watch this space). I couldn't stop thinking that he would be able to see the ants that were still crawling on the bike event after 70 mph.

Having attached the top box, I noticed some bottles of beer on discount at 31 cents each... I now have room to store them! This brought back the memory of the last beer I had, which was with Dad :)

I've been hanging around the South of Spain, because I have been arranging to replace my tyres before entering Africa. The stock rear tyre needs replacing and this is the last stop before Africa where I'd like to get it done. I collect new tyres on Tuesday, so there's a few more days to relax and explore some more.

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