My task for today was to change the engine oil, for the first time whilst on the road. I'd like to be a step ahead with motorcycle maintenance, so an oil change now is premature, but the next change will be somewhere around South Africa. I headed into Seville.

Riding round an industrial area with supermarkets and a recycling centre, I found a shaded parking area. My weather app reported 37 C. I'm uncertain of its correctness, but it was the hottest day I've endured so far on this journey.

I drained the oil into an empty water bottle and filled up with some fancy new oil. However, my hands were oily and I had forgotten to plan for that. No problem! There was an empty fast food brown paper bag discarded nearby. I waited until the traffic calmed down and promptly grabbed it. Didn't want anyone to see me doing that! I was already getting bemused looks from business owners accessing their warehouses.

The photo below shows the sun had moved and I was now roasting!

My first oil change on the road, literally, on my Honda CRF250L.

The recycling centre was round the corner, so I disposed of the oil and also the external battery bank that died.

Bit of a challenge finding a camping spot this evening. I was racing against the setting sun when preparing pasta, tomatoes, red pepper, tuna, chilli, smoked paprika, and extra virgin olive oil.

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