My new tyres were due to arrive at the motorcycle shop on 25/09/18, and they did, but 15 minutes before closing! I returned at 9am today. Javier of Talleres el Venta in El Puerto de Santa Maria has been very helpful and patient wit ordering specific tyres for me. The tyres come highly recommended, so I wanted to try them out. Javier gave me a discount that helps loads towards helping me with my journey, which I am very very grateful for! He even lubricated my chain! As I pulled away, Javier stopped me, because he heard something on my bike that didn't sound right. He insisted he take the bike for a ride to check it out. It was just the break lever that he heard, so false alarm, but I'm pleased he checked it out.

I got on my way knowing that check in at the port closed in 1 hour and it would take me 1 hour 30 minutes to get there. On the open road, there was a very strong head wind. I tucked my body over the tank for the whole journey and rinsed the throttle! Arriving at the port in a fluster, there were only three vehicles in the queue and check in opened 30 minutes later. The advertised check in closure time was very different to the actual. O well! As it happens, the ferry to Morocco was two hours late departing anyway. Whilst waiting to board, I darted between shaded areas and also snapped some photos of the bike with new tyres and the cranes for loading freight at the port.

My Honda CRF250L at the port in Algeciras, Spain.
Cranes at the port in Algeciras, Spain.
Cranes at the port in Algeciras, Spain.

On board, I queued for a long time to get my passport stamped. It was a great place to people watch! Once landed in Morocco, I got my temporary import documentation, withdrew currency, bought insurance, filled up with petrol, and headed off to find a place to camp for the night. It was great feeling to set my first motorcycle wheel in Africa! The sun was about to set, and I was at least one hour from the campsite I had planned. I managed to find a spot high up on a hill and out of sight. The sunset was stunning!

Sunset with Honda CRF250L in Morocco.
Sunset in Morocco.

Within 15 minutes of starting to set up camp, I heard voices. I hadn't gone crazy! Three donkeys trundled past followed by three kids. Full of life and ranting Arabic continuously! I asked if they speak french in french, the said no. I explained what I was doing with my hands (somehow !), shook their hands, and said goodbye.

My task for the next few days is to find somewhere to receive a parcel containing documentation for the journey and some other bits.

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