Resting and waiting in Rabat

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My carnet is ready, so Dad has very kindly couriered this with other items to me in Rabat. This document allows me to import my vehicle without paying hefty deposits at borders. For the next few days I'll continue to live cheaply whilst resting and waiting for the parcel in Rabat.

My motorcycle is in a secure car park close to the youth hostel. The rear brake had made sounds in the past day, so I investigated while I had free time. This is where I met two Moroccan lads, Abdo and Thami, who ran the car park! We chatted for a few hours using translation apps between Arabic and English. This helped sometimes but some of the translations made no sense and were highly amusing! They were very kind and helped me check out my bike. Didn't find the cause of the sound, but did tighten up a few bolts that were working their way loose.

Abdo (left) and Thami (right) next to my Honda CRF250L in Rabat, Morocco.
Thami (left), Abdo (middle), and Stephen Matthews (right) next to my Honda CRF250L in Rabat, Morocco.

Food here is awesome! For breakfast, I typically have bananas, oranges, and pancakes from a local shop. A few pounds has bought a carbohydrate-packed meal of bread, rice, pasta, chicken with stew. Very filling! Numerous pastries have passed my lips. My favourite food has to be a sandwich with fried sardine, fried aubergine, fried green pepper, something else fried, chopped onions, red sauce of some sort, and other bits. See the ingredients below. I discovered this in the old medina where I ate alongside the locals in a really small room. They didn't bat an eyelid with me there!

The ingredients in a sandwich shop in the old medina in Rabat, Morocco.

I'm staying in a super cheap hostel to keep costs down, which is great as I've met lots of fantastic people just in a few days. Two French dudes turned up last night. Guillaume had an R6 bike and Chassac has just returned from Malaysia. Guillaume found a drinking establishment on his map, so we headed there. Turned out to be a night club that opened at midnight, which was the same time as our hostel's curfew. Not too far away, we found another bar, and the security let us in. Had Moroccan beer brewed in Casablanca, which was refreshing. We returned to the hostel at the stroke of midnight to find the lad was just locking the front door. Very close!

Enjoying beers in a bar in Rabat, Morocco.

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