It rained on and off this morning. I was super cautious because of my recent roundabout incident. The water made the dirt cling to my black boots and trousers.

I was so dirty that whilst entering a supermarket, the lady cleaning the floor at the entrance kindly suggested I clean my feet in the puddle. It worked a treat!

The landscape in the morning was green and luscious, which would change in the afternoon as I moved south through the Atlas mountains.

There are many flocks of goats and sheep with their shepherds.

Kids waved as I rode through villages. Some held middle fingers, which was a real shame.

Stopped off fuel and Had my first experience in Morocco on a squatting toilet. I survived!

I rode from Khenifra and was now in El Ksiba. On the edge of town, I was making an avocado and cucumber sandwich (note: mouldy bread, still alive) when a man asked if I was English. I had parked outside his house and he'd seen my license plate. He liked the Rolling Stones and generally loved Great Britain. He was very kind in offering me any help I needed, somewhere to stay etc. It was only midday and I wanted to travel further south. I showed my planned route for the day and he said Imilchil was fantastic, but to watch out for some unscrupulous Arabic people, but not all!

The route from El Ksiba to Imilchil takes you through a very picturesque part of the mountains. Much dryer and more arid than in the morning.

Some of the roads on the side of one slope were so close to other peaks that it felt like you reach out and touch them.

The road surface was more challenging today. The surface would frequently change from tarmac to an additional layer of gravel in the corners. Easy to be caught off guard. I briefly chatted with four Italians riding trikes. They said the road has improved lots since the year before.

The soreness in my legs was further compounded today with frequent standing across unstable terrain. Confidence is building, but I still know my limits.

The structure of the terrain is fascinating because you can see the layers of earth and stone. I think this is the result of tectonic plates moving where you can clearly see the layers are now angled as they have been pushed up.

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