Lured in

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I arrived in Zagora and promptly refueled and stocked up on food. I've developed a sweet tooth for the local patisseries, so I devoured a pastry!

Bumped into this two that were chilling out in the river bed.

Zagora is very touristy with cafes and shops lining the high street. There were countless groups of bikes and three overland vehicle ('big rigs' are like camper vans on steroids).

I noticed a Yamaha DT and the owner asked if I would like to swap! We got chatting, I told him my route, and he offered to show me a map in his shop. He invited me take a photo, so I accepted out of politeness.

These are the items on display in his shop.

Tea was offered, so I thought it would be rude to refuse. In steps another man who drinks tea with me, and eventually offers to show his jewelry. You probably saw this coming, but I naively did not. Anyway, thought I'd buy something small cheap, but the smallest item was very expensive. I left. I felt like I'd been lured in, but I should have refused tea in a shop (sounds obvious now!).

Whilst filling up with water from a stagnant pool on river bed (dirtiest source so far for water purifier), I got chatting with another chap. He ran a camel tour guide business, and then he offered me tea. I had made it clear I had a planned route on my motorcycle, so I knew there was no ulterior motive.

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