Only slept a few hours last night as the wind against the tent was noisy. Woke up to discover fine sand had penetrated the fly net of my tent.

I rode through Foum Zguid into the Anti-Atlas. The lines of rock coming out of the ground were very striking.

These lines of rock formed swirls through the mountains. Similar to marble cake at times!

I made more friends today, this time with a drove of donkeys hauling stuff for two women.

The route ran along the foot of the mountains until I left the R109 just south of Issafn and headed east. The road narrowed and chased the mountains up and down. I stopped for lunch half way and saw only one other vehicle!

I was surprised to see several villages in what seemed to be very remote.

For days, this symbol has appeared on buildings and the landscape. It's a Berber symbol that represents freedom, and it's also the letter Z in their alphabet.

Found a lovely camping spot south of Tafraoute. Bit of a challenge getting to the spot with a steep up hill segment on gravel.

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