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Woke up to find clouds moving across the mountains.

As I left Tafraoute, I noticed something that I can only describe as I garden because I don't know what it was!

Rode yet another(!) fantastic route through the Anti-Atlas. I was now the same height as the clouds and they were moving across the land in front of me.

Headed toward Guelmim, which wasn't touristy at all!

As I ws leaving, I saw fuel sold in bottles outside of unofficial stations. Official stations nearby so no problem.

The entrance to Tan-Tan has two statues of camels!

I've ridden through many police checkpoints and not been stopped until today. Before entering Tan-Tan, I was stopped. I provided a fiche, they checked it, and the policeman instantly smiled and welcomed me to Morocco. First thing I noticed in Tan-Tan was a strong smell of fish as I passed a sardine factory.

Soon after, I was stopped again at another checkpoint. The policeman asked a few questions, consulted another policeman then waved me on.

And then again! This time the policeman asked for my passport. In hindsight, I think the policeman may have been asking for a fiche leading up to my request for my passport and I didn't understand at the time. He took my passport without saying anything else and walked inside the building. I'm comfortable in Morocco, but thought it would be good practice to keep my eye on my passport at all times. So, without invite, I followed him in! After a few minutes, they got me a chair and invited me to sit. Another policeman entered my details into a computer. Took longer that time, so I think I'll just offer a fiche next time.

I'm camped a few miles from the sea and the main road is between us.

I've found shelter from some mounds of gravel. One side is slightly too low and visible from the road. Need an extra foot to cover top of tent. I've improvised by pulling up small bushes and securing to top of bike. Not perfect; not glaringly obvious.

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