I entered Western Sahara today. The landscape is sparse and bleak with continuous desert. The N1 road follows the Atlantic coast, so I occasionally get a glimpse of the sea.

N1 bridge over beach in Western Sahara.
Waves crashing on a beach in Western Sahara.
N1 bridge in Western Sahara.

The desert consists of soil, sand, and rubble, but today I passed a huge dune. There are bigger ones in the sand deserts in Morocco, but this is the largest I've seen.

A large dune in Western Sahara.
Closeup view of a large dune in Western Sahara.

Arriving in the capital, Laayoune, I promptly sorted lunch. Bread, luncheon sausage, and cucumber. Very cheap and reasonably healthy. I was about to ride away when a chap asked me where I was from. His name was Yassin. An economics teacher who spoke very good English. We were chatting for a while and he explained about water shortage issues, differences in people's attitudes based on religion in Europe and Morocco etc. Nice to make a new friend.

Yassin in Laayoune, Western Sahara.

We said our goodbyes, and I then met Mohammed. He spoke only a few words of English, and I understood only a few of French and less of Arabic. He was super kind and friendly! He was intrigued about this blog and wished for Allah to travel with me. I'm not religious but I thought this was incredibly kind.

Mohammad in Laayoune, Western Sahara.

Next task was to recharge my phone and battery bank. Whilst sitting in a fast food restaurant, my phone software prompted me to update. I briefly searched for any issues with the update and didn't find any. The update caused my phone not to boot. Big problem! I couldn't figure out how to resolve other than re-flash (reinstall Android operating system). I was gutted but not deterred, so I checked into the cheapest hotel to fix it. The hotel let me use their office computer to flash my phone! I had resolved the issue by the stroke of midnight and had partially restored apps and configuration too. Incredibly relieved and grateful, because otherwise purchasing a small laptop might have been the next option.

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