Packed up my kit and left the hotel today. The landscape is much the same as yesterday: sparse and bleak. At lunch, I sought shelter from the shade in a small compound at the side of the road. No one about. Felt like a scene in Mad Max with old vehicle parts lying around in disarray.

Facing away from the building, I snapped a photo to capture the emptiness of the landscape.

Then a lorry stopped in front of me, left the road, and followed a small track into the distance. Seemed bizarre as the track was very rough and the lorry was huge! The lorry soon vanished into the distance.

I went straight through Boujdour after stopping at a police checkpoint. The entrance to Boujdour had these cool statues of birds!

After three hours of riding, I refueled petrol and realised a stash of cash wasn't where I'd left it. I double checked and couldn't find it anywhere. I recalled paying the receptionist for the hotel room, and that was the last time I had it. The stash was left with my belongings whilst retrieving my motorcycle from the hotel's garage. My belongings were in front of the reception, which was attended. The receptionist watched me retrieve my motorcycle and returned to the reception while I was still in the garage. It's hard to say exactly how the cash was lost. Approximate value was 175 GBP. This contained euros cash required for visa and vehicle insurance at the Mauritanian border in a few days.

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