More fine sand blew through the mosquito net during the night. Found this beetle lurking under my top box!

A beetle underneath my top box on the sand.

Bought a SIM card yesterday, but the internet connection is very weak. Almost non-existent! Stood right next to [what I think is] a cell tower, but can't get internet.

Cell towers in Mauritania.

Going through no man's land yesterday, there were lots of abandoned cars. I've seen a few here in Mauritania. They're often completely stripped. Also, the occasional burnt out one!

An abandoned and stripped car at the roadside in Mauritania.

Stopped in Chami for food and fuel. Found an empanada that had less onion and fish than was advertised, but tasty nonetheless! The case was made of bread instead of pastry.

Empanada with onion and fish in Mauritania.

The main street is lined with solar power lights.

Solar power lights in Chami, Mauritania.
Solar power lights in Chami, Mauritania.

I passed two disused fuel stations and this one had no Essence (petrol in UK). I'm aware that essence is less common in fuel stations than gasoil (diesel in UK) in Mauritania and they can run out.

Parked Honda CRF250L at fuel station in Chami, Mauritania.

A group of camels crossed the road today. Thought I was doing the right thing by stopping to let them pass but this driver clearly thought different!

Camels cross the road in front of a van in Mauritania.

Passed more checkpoints today. At one, the policeman pointed at my watch and pointed at him. I played dumb and said no.

Found a hotel in Nouakchott, the capital city of Mauritania. I camped on the grounds and used the facilities. Really nice guys running it and a lovely security guard too. The guard gave me some of his washing powder for cleaning my mess tin! The hotel has a cool camel sign with LEDs that change colour!

Le Sahara auberge in Nouakchott, Mauritania.

I now really relish having a wash. Feels so good seeing lots of dirty water run across a white shower floor! Sand gets everywhere out here, especially when it's blown into the tent whilst sleeping.

After washing, I discovered two groups of bikers had arrived. There are two Swiss on a Super Tenere and a Triumph Tiger, and two Italians on a Honda Transalp.

Keeping track of time seems to have diminished. I was one hour ahead of the time change between Morocco and Mauritania. Then, I was chatting to my Dad and realised I was a day behind!

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