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Since coming down with something, the diarrhea has continued and I've struggled to take on food and water. Consequently, I've felt depleted with low energy levels. The food that's easily accessible in nearby shops has exacerbated the condition. This morning, I bought bananas and white bread, and I've eaten no other foods. So far, I feel good, and haven't needed the toilet. Phew!

Whilst walking into town this morning, I met two Muslim gentlemen who stepped forward from their mosque with handshakes and smiles. They were a Pakistan mission. Very friendly and easy-going. They spoke some English, and told of the places they had lived and worked.

Sweets were offered, which wasn't great for my stomach, but I managed to eat some. They then gifted some perfume and demonstrated how to use it. I'm unsure if they could smell the clothes I'd slept in for multiple days to ease the regular nightly toilet trips, but either way, how incredibly kind of them!

More members of their mission appeared, and we exchanged photos. One asked what mission I was from, probably because of my beard!

Stephen Matthews (left) with three Muslim gentlemen in Atar, Mauritania.

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