Back on the Road

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Following the accident and repairs to my motorcycle... I'm now back on the road!

Packing my bags was slow as I had to re-familiarise myself with my packing system. My strength was reduced because I still have some pain in my ribs and wrist.

I was planning to leave and four big rigs turned up. They were MAN vehicles that are essentially lorries prepared for off road. They were a non-profit organisation who were helping people in remote areas where there vehicles could access.

Had lunch with Just and Leyone, as they insisted they fed me before I left :) These are the folk that run the place where I've been staying, Bab Sahara.

Before leaving Atar, I filled up with fuel. The guy filled one of my 1 L canisters too much, and it splashed back into my eyes. He helped me rinse my eyes with water and it felt fine. Gave me a huge jump when it happened!

The ride was easy going today, and I covered 100 miles. The motorcycle feels good, which I'm surprised by, and incredibly relieved too! My butt became sore very quickly though. I need toughen up again! By the end of they day, I was absolutely shattered! I pitched the tent half way between Atar and Nouakchott.

Pitched tent between Nouakchott and Atar, Mauritania.
Between Nouakchott and Atar, Mauritania..

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