Holy night

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We departed the boating club today and said our goodbyes. Hopefully, our paths will cross again in some other part of the world!

Riding again felt intense after the accident. Mostly because there are many hazards on the road and you need to be very vigilant. Traffic is crazy out here. Vehicles pull out without looking.

I'm riding with Johnny from Ireland. It's been great to have the company on the road!

Myself and @atjonnynomad in Senegal filling up with fuel.

Stopped at fuel station and they had music blaring out of a speak system. I guess the boss wasn't there that day!

Speaker system in fuel station near Dakar, Senegal.

In Saly Niakhniakhal, the Ndiareme mosque looked very impressive and caught our eye. We stopped for a snack (dried dates and Johnny had coffee and cakes) The entrance to the mosque was an AstroTurf path surrounded with palm trees, sand, and lots of kettles with water for washing feet before entering the mosque barefoot.

The Ndiareme mosque in Saly Niakhniakhal, Senegal.
The Ndiareme mosque in Saly Niakhniakhal, Senegal.
The Ndiareme mosque in Saly Niakhniakhal, Senegal.

We came off the main road onto a red dirt track and arrived at a small village on the coast called Pointe-Sarene in Nianing. This felt really off the beaten track and remote.

Beach at Pointe-Sarene, Senegal.
Beach at Pointe-Sarene, Senegal.

We continued south into Joal and checked in at a nunnery for the evening for a holy night! Sister Georgeta welcomed us.

Stayed at a nunnery in Joal, Senegal.

We saw a 4-foot iguyana/lizard of some variety, which was intimidating. Whilst trying to find a plug to charge my phone, I managed to electrocute myself. Nothing major, just got a bolt from a plug.

That evening, we wandered across the foot bridge into Fadiouth. This is a lovely place that's well worth a visit. There were many pigs roaming the bay whilst the water was out.

View from the footbridge into Fadiouth, Senegal.
View from the footbridge into Fadiouth, Senegal.
The shore at Fadiouth, Senegal.
Lots of pigs on the water

We grabbed a beer in a bar and watched the tide creep in land as the sun came down. The aroma in the air was a mix of pig and the ocean.

With @atjonnynomad enjoying a beer in Fadiouth.
With @atjonnynomad enjoying a beer in Fadiouth.

We had brilliant munch food, which was half a baguette with shrimp in spicy onion sauce. So tasty! In Senegal, there are plenty of restaurants that have a benches or stools around a table. At this one, we had a choice from the bowls on the table of mince meat, beans, shrimp, egg etc.

Food after beer in Joal. Baguette with shrimp and spicy onion sauce. So tasty!

The following morning, there were lots of young teenagers arriving at the nunnery for study. They appeared to be very intrigued by us as we said hello to many of them as we packed our tents and loaded the bikes.

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