Friend of a Friend

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A friend from the UK, Gary, used to work in the UK with a gentlemen from The Gambia called Salifu. Gary kindly put us in touch and we met up in Banjul. We were staying nearby, but couldn't figure out the maze that is the roads in Banjul, so Salifu very kindly arranged for a taxi to collect us!

Salifu fed us and provided drinks. We had a cup of tea, which reminded me of home :)

Salifu is really interesting to chat to because he works for a charity that helps Gambian people with mental health issues. The charity is the Mobee Gambia Mental Health Project. We met some of his friends who also work for the charity. There's not much support for adults with mental health issues in The Gambia, so it's a truly valued cause. Salifu's friends were very proud as they were quick to show a photo of Salifu meeting Prince Charles in October 2018 after being nominated for the good work to the cause. It was a really nice evening and great to meet people from The Gambia and learn more about the country.

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