Mate's Birthday

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It was Boxing day and I hadn't spoke to my family on Christmas day because I crossed the border into Ivory Coast that day. I needed a new SIM card, as this was a new country, so I walked into the centre of Man to purchase a SIM card. The first shop was problematic as they couldn't setup the SIM card and were asking for too much money. I moved on and found this chap who was very laid back and patient with helping me. As soon as I was online I arranged a video call with the family, which was absolutely fantastic!

Dude who helped me with new SIM card. Man, Guinea.

Wandering through the market in Man, I stumbled upon a grilled fish shack. It was one of the tastiest meals I've eaten to date on this journey! I ate with my hands too, which was a challenge. Whilst eating, a tiny foot suddenly appeared in the hand water bowl in front of me... I hadn't seen the baby wrapped in a blanket and sleeping right in front of me!

Very tasty fish from market in Man, Guinea.

The following day, two mates who were also travelling through West Africa on motorcycles --Ron and Alfonso -- arrived in Man and stayed at the same place as me. We went out for food and beers that evening and Ron revealed it was his birthday! We ate chicken and washed it down with chilled beers.

Myself (left), @algomasqueunviaje (middle), and birthday boy Ron (right)! Man, Guinea..
The chef (left) and birthday boy Ron (right). Man, Guinea.
Chickens being barbequed for our dinner! Man, Guinea.
Chickens being barbequed for our dinner with one of the chefs! Man, Guinea.

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