Beach but no Beer

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En route to Accra, I stopped for breakfast, as all I had eaten was peanuts. Filled up with Waakye, which is rice and beans with optional boiled egg, with a healthy dose of shito, which is a spicy pepper sauce, and I found some plantain too. From the roadside, I could see fishing boats across the village, but they're tricky to see in this photo.

Myself (left) and Lizzie (right) at Dizzy Lizzie

My next stop was Kokrobite to meet my friend, Leela, for the afternoon. Leela was hanging out at Dizzy Lizzie's beach resort. The beach was busy and it looked like a fun place with music. I was riding so I refrained from beer, which was tough! I met: a pilot who was resting for a few days before returning to Namibia; a surfer dude from Cornwall called Brett who married and settled here; and the owner of Dizzy Lizzie's, who is Welsh and also married and settled here. A lovely and friendly bunch!

Chatting motorcycles at Dizzy Lizzie
Stopped for breakfast and could see fishing boats across the village. Ghana.

I left with plenty of time to reach Accra during daylight and meet my host for the evening.

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