The day after the Nima tour, I had a short stay at the Salvation Army that turned into a much longer stay.

Before leaving the UK, I acquired all the vaccinations for my round the world journey. Some vaccinations needed top up doses, which I would do whilst travelling. To deal with this health matter, I had found a doctor in Ghana on the International Society of Travel Medicine and he confirmed I could get my final dose of Hepatitis B with him. When I arrived at Dr Richard's clinic, he was really pleased to see me and very intrigued about my journey! He was was a lovely and kind gentleman with a warm smile. After the jab, he asked for a photo so he could show his kids!

Dr Ricard (left) and myself (right) after vaccination in Accra, Ghana.

I few days after this, I came down with what I thought was flu/fever. I'd had something similar in Abidjan, and got through it. That approach didn't seem to work this time, and the symptoms weren't going. My friend Chloe suggested a blood test, so I went to the nearest hospital. The result confirmed Malaria! The result showed my platelets were low because this is what the malaria attacks. My prescription consisted of something to fix the malaria, something to boost my platelets to speed up recovery, and multivitamins for a similar reason.

The prescription to boost platelets was an injection. No problem! I unbuttoned my shirt to offer my arm. The nurse calmly said: "this one is in the buttock". No problem! I dropped my trousers, and pulled undies half way down my butt. The nurse said: "I only need a little bit". I had clearly offered too much!

It was a tiring day as I had already walked to buy food that morning then walked to the hospital and walked further to get more cash to pay for treatment etc. So, I had a 3-day course of medication to fix me. The Salvation Army were very understanding and allowed me to stay longer. At one point they gave me my own room, but I had to return to the dorm soon enough. When I returned to the dorm, I found someone had left a 1 Cedi coin on my belongings. Thank you to whoever that person was :) If I wasn't on the toilet, I was lying down in bed. Here's me lying down and not feeling so great. Your health matters!

Me with malaria in Accra, Ghana.

After the course of medication, I felt so much better. A little tired still, but much better.

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