Another puncture

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Woke up and packed up early because I expected to see lots of locals passing by as I had seen yesterday. Only saw one person! Whilst I was squatting for my morning toilet relief, I heard people, so I finished pretty quick! I've changed my pannier packing routing to allow me to get away quicker, which is motivated by the bush fire that was too close for comfort. I tested it today and it was certainly quicker.

I've been looking for rivers on the map to replenish my supplies, but most are dry. Some have water, but are stagnant. Today, I got lucky as the first water marked on the map was a lake. Locals were using the water either to wash their motorcycles or irrigate the fields.

Local guy washing his motorcycle next to lake. Adjengré, Togo.
Cultivating crops next to lake. Adjengré, Togo.

Water mission accomplished, I continued heading North in Togo. Whilst purchasing food in Sokodé, an eagle eyed local, said there was a problem with my rear tyre. Sure enough, the pressure looked low. My heart sank. I rode on to escape the hustle and bustle, and check tyre pressure in a fuel station. It was way too low. I pumped up the tyre with my tiny bicycle pump, and continued 8 miles to a camping spot. I had to navigate through the bush so I was out of sight.

Navigating the bush to find a spot to camp. North of Sokodé, Togo.

The camp spot was OK except for lots of tiny flies that were attracted to any sweaty skin that was on display.

Lots of flies attracted to my sweaty skin at camp spot. North of Sokodé, Togo.

It was early afternoon and the temperature was rising. A small siesta was called for!

Afternoon siesta before starting work on puncture. North of Sokodé, Togo.

Feeling re-energised, I tackled the puncture. A thin piece of metal was the culprit. A second piece was in a nobble but had not reached the inner tube. I was relieved I found it and fixed it so easily. By the way, I have a count of how many punctures I've experienced on my home page.

Fixing puncture in the bush. North of Sokodé, Togo.

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