I had stayed in Parakou to clean the fuel system on my motorcycle, and I was now ready to leave for Cotonou. The journey requires a full tank of fuel and would determine if I'd finally resolved the sputter/ hesitation issue.

It's a reasonably long journey so I planned a camping spot in a forest. Arriving at the forest, I soon discovered it was well populated with villages and small settlements. It was tricky to find a place to camp, so I explored deeper into the heart of the forest. My search was soon brought to a halt by a barrier. I asked the guys tending the barrier if they knew anywhere. Lots was lost in communication and it was a struggle to chat! One of the guys made a phone call and everyone was silent whilst he talked over the phone. He hung up and spoke to me. The only word I understood was police and he gestured towards his motorcycle. With my creative handwork, I gestured that I would follow him to the police station.

We arrived at the station and the police were super friendly. They spoke English! Very soon into the conversation, they offered me a place to camp at the station. Yes -- a very safe place to camp for the night!

In the morning, the policemen gathered and exercised together with stretches.

The police station where I camped. Just before they did their morning exercise. Benin.

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