Lagos Labyrinth and Moto Madness

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After collecting a visa for Cameroon, I headed North to leave Lagos. However, I encountered two challenges.

Moto Madness

After yesterday's lesson on how to weave through traffic like a local, I was conservatively putting it into practice. Between dense Lagos traffic and the curb, two men in hi viz physically stopped my motorcycle. One took the key from the motorcycle and placed it in his pocket. Was I being robbed?

I went ballistic! I shouted "return my key" continuously for about 5-10 minutes and stood my ground very firmly. This is out of character for me; I don't usually shout. It could be seen as heavy handed and inappropriate for me to shout. However, they immobilised me in the road (they're not police, army etc.), I was partially blocking some traffic, and technically, could this be theft/ransom of my key? Also, I didn't want to display any inclination of weakness that may have shown me to be a pushover.

A third guy approached me and spoke calmly, so I instantly matched his tone and volume. He explained all riders in Lagos state need the ID card and that I would need to get one from their office. Never heard of this whilst preparing paperwork for the journey. Sounds like nonsense, right? I told them so! Instead of an ID card, they wanted money, so I obviously had none ;) Eventually, they returned my key and I left. But, not before they threatened to get me next time.

That evening, I researched the ID card to find that it's only required for commercial motorcycles, such as moto taxis, in Lagos state.

Lagos Labyrinth

Navigating Lagos had been OK until today. After my calm was restored (!!!), I headed for the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway to get me out of Lagos. However, the Sat Nav failed to route me over a flyover, and instead routed me under the flyover and in a loop back to where I started. I tried correcting this several times, but couldn't.

The sun was beating down on me as I jostled through dense traffic. After two hours, I had become very hot, so I parked up to rest and drank 1.5 L of water. My queue to ride again was prompted by a fight that broke out metres in front of me.

Returning to the road, I took a different route that felt much quicker.

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