More Than I Can Chew

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My aim for today was to cross the border from Nigeria into Cameroon. It didn't quite go according to plan...

Leaving Baissa, I continued towards Guroji. The route was mostly wide earth tracks, not too challenging, and good fun! Confidence was high.

route from Baissa to Guroji, Nigeria.

Eventually, the route narrowed and started to climb hills and peaks. The terrain turned to loose stones. It was very hard going. Over a 200 metre stretch, I dropped the motorcycle three times. My legs are short and not particularly strong, so I struggled to catch potential falls. My stature is thin and each lift zapped my energy.

Uphill, loose stones, lack of experience... this is after a local helped me pick up my motorcycle. Nigeria.
Uphill, loose stones, lack of experience... this is after a local helped me pick up my motorcycle. Nigeria.

I rested. A short walk to assess the track showed it was grueling and even more tricky. I had another 50 miles to go and I didn't know if it was all like this. Whilst resting, three motorcycles turned up with five guys. I continued up the track and made it 20 metres before dropping the motorcycle again. The fatigue was immense and my legs were trembling. The guys chatted in their local language and then said to me they'd ride my motorcycle and I could ride pillion on another motorcycle. Incredibly relieved, I agreed. With some trepidation, I watched the guy effortlessly ride the tough terrain on my motorcycle with great skill.

Riding pillion on their motorcycle, I bobbed up and down while the suspension occasionally bottomed out. I got to take in more of the surroundings and the beautiful rolling green hills. Didn't snap any photos though, as I was desperately trying not to claw the motorcycle for grip, which zapped more energy.

About an hour later, we had covered 10 miles and the toughest terrain on this track was behind us. Watching my rider traverse insanely difficult sections was impressive. Today, I bit off more than I could chew.

Suleiman, the guy that rode my motorcycle.

Suleiman, the guy who rode my motorcycle over tricky terrain when I was very fatigued. Nigeria.

These are the guys that saved me.

These guys helped me when I was too exhausted to ride. The guy on my motorcycle rode it for me when I couldn

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