Another bushfire: stay or go?

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After a fantastic experience in Nigeria, I crossed the Cameroon border. The formalities at the border were fine and I rested in the next town for a days, which was Banyo. From there, I rode to Tibati then headed South to the capital, Yaoundé. No petrol stations from Tibati until near Yaoundé, which is further than my fuel tank's range. So, just like in Mauritania, I acquired a secondhand oil container, filled it with fuel, and strapped it to my motorcycle. Worked a treat!

This stretch of road, known as N15, is undergoing a replacement of the crumpled road. It made for some fascinating scenery as the new road literally carved through the landscape.

New road carved through the landscape between Tibati and Yaounde, Cameroon.

Stretches of the previous road were stunning though.

Old road between Tibati and Yaounde, Cameroon.

I found a camping spot far from any villages. Tucked up in my sleeping bag at 2100 hrs and tinkering with my blog, all was good, or so I thought. The unmistakable sounds of crackle and pop from fire then emerged. Wearing nothing but my underwear and riding boots, I left the tent to investigate. Sure enough, the glowing fire pierced through the darkness of the night. A dilemma dawned upon me. The fire was a safe distance, but a wind change could see the fire upon me by morning. A small risk considering the previous bush fire was in much closer proximity; however, a risk none the less. Riding away would require finding a new camp spot in the dark. No hotels for miles. Villages are sparse round here. I decided to stay put, but packed up everything for a quick get away, if needed. I slept on the ground in my riding gear and mosquito head net. Earlier that evening, I'd watched a storm near by, so I wrapped my ground sheet around me like a blanket. If the fire advanced then all I had to do was ride. I'd be "Gone in 60 Seconds".

After a rough night's sleep, the fire was no more and I was safe. It was worth being prepared, just in case it got worse last night.

Sleeping rough, so I had quick get away from nearby bush fire, if needed. Between Tibati and Yaounde, Cameroon.

Also, a butterfly appeared and landed on me knee to say Good Morning and affirm calmness!

Butterfly landing on leg after night of sleeping rough. Between Tibati and Yaounde, Cameroon.

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