After a small tumble a few days before, Jaakko and I stopped at the Tropic of Capricorn for the obligatory photo!

Obligatory photo at Tropic of Capricorn. Namibia.
Obligatory photo at Tropic of Capricorn with @its_moodo! Namibia.

After a brief stopover in Keetmanshoop for Jaakko to kick his cold, we headed to Fish River Canyon. Passing Naute Dam, Jaakko had pulled over and waved me down before a river crossing. Jaakko went first at a slow pace. His bike snaked before he went down in the icy cold, shallow water. A build of algae created a slippery and treacherous path despite it being paved and low-level.

River flowing from Naute Dam had algae on road making it very treacherous. Namibia.

Fish River Canyon was awesome! We mucked about taking silly photos.

Fish River Canyon, Namibia.
With @its_moodo at Fish River Canyon, Namibia.
With @its_moodo at Fish River Canyon, Namibia.

Emerging over the brow of a hill, we could see for miles. We both stopped immediately.

With @its_moodo in Namibia.

Jaakko took this photo. Taken somewhere in South Namibia.

Riding in Namibia. Photo credit: @its_moodo.

I've been borrowing Jaakko's spare goggles to try them out. So far, so good! Taken somewhere in South Namibia.

Taking a break somewhere in Namibia.

After riding through the dust and heat for many days, the appeal of a hot spring drew us to |Ai-|Ais. Approaching the pool, there were groups relaxing with beers in the water. Looked perfect! However, the pool was mildly warm and not too comfortable. The other hot spring was 65 C, and after dipping only my toe, I now appreciate the meaning of |Ai-|Ais, which translates to 'hot as fire'.

One afternoon, the sun's heat was too much. We killed the engines, and rested in the shade. Almost fell asleep!

Sheltering from the heat in Namibia with @its_moodo. Almost fell asleep!

Followed the Namibian border to Oranjemund on the coast. Fantastic riding along Orange River. Strong winds kicked up sand and battered us. Sand grains pricked my nose, which was now exposed from using goggles.

We found refuge at an oasis campground surrounded by dunes providing cover. A welcome relief before entering South Africa the following day.

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