Southern Tip of Africa

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I left the UK on a motorcycle and I've now reached the southern tip of Africa! Here I am at Cape Agulhas. As well as the southern tip of Africa, this is start of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian oceans.

Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!
Made it to the Southern tip of Africa!

Before riding away, we ate some rusks. I'm a big fan of rusks! These ones tasted odd. Like rum. Then we realised. Jaakko's can of air filter oil had leaked inside his roll bag. We were eating rusks infused with Motorex air filter oil! I was burping the flavour of Motorex air filter oil for hours!

Rain was forecast the next day, so we hunkered down at a back packers hostel. We made a big mistake though! Upon requesting another night, they were fully booked. Once we'd booked somewhere else, we seized the opportunity of a lull in the morning rain to ride there and keep warm with a milk stout in the public house opposite! Thanks to Jaakko for taking the photo.

What else to do when escaping from the rain?! Thanks to @its_moodo for the photo.

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