South Africa Mountain Passes

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We'd had a tip off from Devin at Woodstock Moto Co for good riding through mountain passes in the Western Cape. The route headed East, started in Barrydale and finished in George. Over several days we chased countless mountain passes.

Tradouwpas was a gentle introduction.

Tradouwpas, Western Cape, South Africa. Tradouwpas, Western Cape, South Africa.

We crossed several nature reserves that went through these mountain passes. I've plotted the route, and I admit I can't remember the name of every mountain pass! Here's some photos from the ride.

Absorbing the view after riding through a mountain pass in Western Cape, South Africa. A mountain pass in Western Cape, South Africa. Rode so many, and I've forgotten which one :/

What do you do once you've taken a photo and absorbed the scenery? Muck about in front of the camera!

Mucking around with the camera after riding yet another mountain pass in Western Cape, South Africa. Thanks to @its_moodo for the photo!

It's a challenge to take a photo that captures the moment and beauty of the environment. In Cape Town, I replaced my gopro helmet attachment that I lost in Mauritania when I came off. No need to stop riding, I can just press one button to start and stop recording a video. Here's a video of multiple sections of the mountain passes. It's my first attempt at a video like this. For those interested in the geeky side to this... I'm only using ffmpeg :D

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