At a campground near East London, a guy walked over to say hello as we pitched our tents. He had a second home on site and rode motorcycles too. The usual motorcycle chat ensued.

He then returned with a lamp, power extension cable, two chairs, and two chocolate bars. He said he knew what it's like travelling with not much. We were stoked!

I cooked dinner, which was my typical pasta and tinned fish with spices. The guy returned again with a pack of chicken wings, garlic bread, wood, a gas lighter, and hot chocolate. He said we could now have a braai and be like real South Africans!

This completely transformed a typical night for us. Instead of retiring early to our sleeping bags for warmth, we relaxed next to the braai fire with food. Ate two dinners that night, but worth it!

Chicken wings on the braai. Wood, food, and more gifted to us by a fellow biker at the campground.

The next day, the guy let us ride his 2018 CRF250R and CRF125F. The CRF250R was lighter, more powerful, and such a different ride to my CRF250L.

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