Evading a Speeding Ticket

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We stayed at a place just South of Coffee Bay to rest and wash clothes. Whilst clothes were drying, we wandered along the coast, to find the Hole in the Wall. Walking along the beach in the nature reserve felt deserted although very close to civilisation.

Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Next to Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Next to Hole in the Wall, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Leaving, we headed in the general direction of Lesotho.

Just after riding around a corner, a man in hiviz jumps out from behind a parked car. He directs me to the side of the road. This was a police man who measured me doing 79 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. Oops!

I asked to see the evidence. Sure enough, it was easy to see in the video they played back. The mobile speed camera looked legitimate and they demonstrated it's operation on a passing car. I asked how the laser technology worked, whether it was calibrated etc. They weren't impressed.

Whilst writing up the ticket, I asked about the process for payment, contesting the ticket in court etc. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the policeman said "go" and stopped writing the ticket! I said thanks and left pretty quick.

Strange how close I came to getting a ticket when the evidence was very clear. Difficult to say why the let me go. I noticed another car being pulled in. Driver didn't get out, no writing of a ticket, and they left very quick. We'd been warned about cops on the road by the guy who gifted us braai and food. Perhaps, I'm assuming the worst from the writing guy who started to write the ticket. Perhaps, he didn't want to write up a tourist.

I've encountered numerous scrupulous officials since leaving the UK. The difference with these guys is they were leveraging some relatively hi-tech equipment!

Anyway, a close call!

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