Fantastic riding and scenery in Lesotho

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We crossed the border into Lesotho, which was another pleasant and easy crossing.

Lesotho is very mountainous and at a much higher elevation than South Africa. It's much colder here!

Upon arriving, we didn't see anywhere to stay for many miles. Jaakko and I almost rode passed the first accommodation. We asked for a room, and to our surprise they showed us a room with a double bed! Anyway, we then settled on a twin room. For our first night, we enjoyed a beer before the sun went down.

Relaxing with @its_moodo and a beer. First night in Lesotho.

The coldness appeared very quick when the sun went down. The only sensible thing to do after our beer was to ignite the stove for warmth!

Starting the stove to keep warm after beer. With @its_moodo in Lesotho.

Rode through the mountains, the constant stream of scenery became overwhelming. Quite simply, there was so much to look at whilst keeping a careful eye on the tarmac road for stray rubble!

Lesotho. Lesotho. Lesotho. Lesotho. Lesotho. Lesotho. Lesotho.

We stayed overnight at Katse Dam. Supplying water to South Africa is one the few sources of income for Lesotho.

Reservoir next to Katse Dam, Lesotho.

The highlight for me was the view at the top of Mafika Lisiu Pass. One of the highest mountain passes in Lesotho at 3090 metres above sea level. A huge thank you to Jaakko for taking this epic photo.

Viewing Mafika Lisiu Pass at 3090 metres above sea level in Lesotho. Huge thanks to @its_moodo for the photo.

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