We left Lesotho at Sani Pass, which was a spectacular exit. However, arriving at the top of the pass, I was cold, hungry, and tired. I sought refuge in the pub to warm up! Jaakko was outside chatting and drinking with a group of South Africans riding dirt bikes up and down Sani Pass that day. Looking back, a bit embarrassing that I wasn't more social, but I just didn't feel great! However, we rode down Sani Pass with the dirt bikes, which was awesome. I was the slowest one down the pass on two wheels! Didn't matter though! Here's the video.

The group on dirt bikes were staying at the same lodge as us and they knew how to have fun! Music, booze, food, mucking around etc. Good times.

One of the guys, Bill, invited us to stay with him just outside Durban. When we met Bill after he finished work, he looked very different in smart clothes and... sober! Over a few days, Bill and his lovely wife were fantastic hosts. We were treated to decent food, such as braai, a very tasty chicken pasta bake, and the infamous Portuguese pilchards for breakfast!

One evening, Bill took us to meet his mate, Paul, for a chat over some beers. Paul is a retired park ranger who used to work in Mozambique. Fascinating to chat to, good fun, and amusing. Paul gifted us some stone he'd found that was used many many years ago for cutting and also some cloth material made from bark.

Here's Bill, Paul, me, and Jaakko (from left to right).

Having a beer with Bill, Paul, me, and @its_moodo (left to right)..

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