Whilst staying with family in Harare, Jaakko and I went for a ride to explore the area. A good opportunity to make the most of riding without our luggage on the bikes.

We headed towards Domboshowa but were deterred by the expensive tourist rate. Riding further North, we found Cross Kopje, and decided to ride up it. A fun ride, and challenging in places.

We made it to the top! A minor disagreement transpired between my motorcycle and the land when my front wheel couldn't displace a large rock that consequently brought my motorcycle and I to the ground! The views were spectacular. Notice my strategic position on top of a large rock ;)

Rode up Cross Kopje with @its_moodo. Front wheel wouldn

Days later, my Uncle Tony educated me on the local drinking holes. Good man! First, we lined stomachs with some grub at The Tin Roof with Aunty Catherine. Good women!

Approaching sunset, and at a different bar, we got chatting to some guys. Turns out, they also ride. An off-road route was planned for 6 am the next day. Adrian Watt and Werner made a very generous offer to borrow Werner's CRF450X, so I could join them. A lighter bike, more power, no luggage, and experienced riders. An offer I couldn't refuse!

Despite a belly full of beer, I made a good decision by returning home early and necking lots of water to sober up. The following day at 5 am, it was clear I had avoided a hangover!

The ride was awesome. The CRF450X had a throttle with bags of power that was a challenge to tame. The rear wheel would spin in all gears on loose terrain. Way more technical than anything I've ridden before. The bike's ability was confidence inspiring in the tricky sections.

Got chatting to guys in a Harare bar and they invited me out for a ride on a CRF450X! Very kind, and great fun. Harare, Zimbabwe

After 10 km, perhaps less, I was absolutely exhausted. My stamina wasn't up to scratch and all the technical parts combined with recovering stalls using a kick-start had zapped my energy. Unfortunately, one of the guy's KTM cut out and wouldn't start. Towing the KTM back to the start on the road was my chance to get out early. I did just that. My stamina was too low for another hour of technical riding.

The remaining guys continued. They reported that it got much tougher further along the route. I sheepishly relaxed with a few beers whilst waiting for them. As a post-ride shakedown, Adrian took me to the Skull and Skud bar to see more local bikers. Good times!

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