A friend had given me contact details of a guy living on Lake Kariba who also rides. It just so happened that my planned route would run passed his house, so I called into say hello.

Keen to use my dirt tyre off-road, I left the tarmac just after Kalomo. The gravel road gradually deteriorated making it good fun to ride. It was hot though! Easily above 30C.

Riding from Kalomo to Lake Kariba, Zambia.
Riding from Kalomo to Lake Kariba, Zambia.

A slight headache was kicking in. I'd ridden for too long in the heat, and was in desperate need of a rest. Refuge was found in the shade of a building.

Resting from the heat near an amethyst mine between Kalomo and Lake Kariba, Zambia. Luyando walked over to me, said hello, welcomed me to Zambia, gave me a bottle of chilled water, and invited me to join them at their house across the street. Luyando fed me a traditional Zambian maize dish, we chatted, and I played with her baby boy, Peter.

A lovely lady called Luyando walked over to me, said hello, welcomed me to Zambia, gave me a chilled bottle of water, and invited me to join them at their house opposite.

Luyando fed me a traditional Zambian dish of corn meal, chicken, greens, and tomato sauce/salsa. Loved it! I fed a rusk to her baby boy, Peter, and played with him whilst resting from the heat. Top people that were very friendly, hospitable and welcoming to me.

Following the map, the snaked through the hills and close to an amethyst mine. Beautiful landscape in this area.

Riding from Kalomo to Lake Kariba, Zambia.

Soon, the route was not marked on my map. I marked waypoints and it was really easy to follow. Since then, I uploaded my GPS track and added a new road to Open Street Map.

Arriving at Kevin Moulder's house, I was very grateful for a shower followed by beers and brai! Kevin runs Rideventure Zambia (Facebook and Instagram) who organise tours on motorcycles through Zambia and around Africa. They have some very nice KTM 1190s, a Triumph Tiger 800, and smaller KTMs and Husqvarnas. A decent set of bikes!

Kevin also runs a crocodile farm, and he very kindly gave me a tour of the farm. Had no idea I would be stood inside the breeders pen less than five metres from a crocodile basking in the sun. Kevin assured me this was OK with the habituated crocodiles, but different to wild crocodiles!

It was the weekend, so we hoped on board Kevin's speed boat to visit a small island on Lake Kariba.

On Kevin

Kevin's mate was living on the small island to fish crayfish. Seemed idyllic!

Visited an island on Lake Kariba to see a guy living there who is fishing crayfish. Zambia.

We returned late as dusk was setting in. Mark towed our boat from the lake, passed the Kapenta fishing rigs.

Returning to mainland Zambia, the speed boat was towed in passed the Kapenta fishing rigs on Lake Kariba.

When I left Kevin's place, I followed a route that became much trickier and more technical. Eventually, I decided to turn around.

Twenty miles from Lusaka, my unwise decision to refuel from black market petrol didn't pay off. My motorcycle was sputtering badly. It was so bad, I walked the motorcycle across a busy street to a fuel station. Just didn't want to risk riding and the motorcycle cutting out half way across. I found a quiet spot and cleaned the tank, filter and pump. I should know better by now after all the bad fuel in West Africa!

Bad fuel... again! Cleaned tank, fuel pump, and fuel filter at a petrol station on my way to Lusaka, Zambia.

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