Riding into a riot in Kenya

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In Kisumu, Kenya, I joined the road where my hotel was and immediately noticed about thirty men stood around motorcycles. Presuming there had been an accident, I whizzed around the side of it.

Passing the entrance to a large site, it was well guarded by the army. I felt compelled to start recording a video.

Approaching my hotel, there was a burning road block. Aha! I pulled over and positioned my motorcycle for a quick getaway in either direction. As it happened, I was meters from the hotel. However, despite knocking on the gates, they weren't answering. Not surprising—I could have been a rioter!

Whilst waiting outside, I met a guy called Steve (!) who explained the situation. The polytechnic opposite the hotel had increased fees and the students were protesting. I had ridden into a riot!

The army soon cleared the road block.

Here's the video as I approached my hotel.

Eventually, the owner peaked out from the gates and invited me in. Phew!

Throughout the day, I heard people shouting whilst running and motorcycles whizzing up the road followed by shots of teargas.

There was a lull in activity, so I ventured out for food. Made it back in one piece!

I never felt threatened because I see the presence of the army. In fact, I was between the army positioned at the burning road block and the entrance to the polytechnic. Also, the hotel's front entrance and my room were secure.

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