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· 4 min read

Started the day with a hearty breakfast of rice with sauce. I'm terrible at remembering the names of food, but it was so tasty!

Rice and sauce, Quebo, Guinea-Bisau.

I met up with Alfonso, and we left Guinea-Bissau at Contabane (immigration, army, and customs posts) and headed for the border that was about 6 mil...

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I left Bissau at 9am to cover 100 miles and camp close to the Guinea border for an early crossing the following day. I passed through a police check point and my motorcycle suddenly felt very unstable, like it was wobbling. Upon pulling off the road, it was clear the rear had a puncture. Et voila!

· 3 min read

I arrived at a campground on the edge of Bissau and immediately had a wash! The aim for Bissau was to acquire a visa for the next country, Guinea. It was a Friday and the Guinea consular closes mid afternoon, so I decided to stay here over the weekend.

The campground mostly has rooms, but they'v...

· 2 min read

This morning, I woke to the sound, with occasional vibration, of waves crashing against the land. Powerful yet very peaceful.

Rode the same track as yesterday back from Varela to Sao Domingos. It felt better than yesterday and I was less tense going through soft sand.

Today's plan was to vis...

· 2 min read

The visa for Guinea-Bissau, from Ziguinchor, took less than five minutes! Once collected, Ron and I rode together from Senegal into Guinea-Bissau, which was a straight-forward crossing without issue.

Whilst purchasing SIM cards in Sao Domingos, sweat was pouring from me onto the floor and paper...

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After leaving Sedhiou, I stayed in Ziguinchor for two nights.

Me at the exit of Ziguinchor, Senegal.

The plan was to prepare for visa applications in the countries ahead and do my chores, such as washing my clothes.

Doing my chores! Washing clothes.

This is where I met Ron on a beautiful 30-year old BMW R80GS in good...