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· 2 min read

Last night's sleep on a concrete floor was a bit rough!

The first part of the ride to the Diama crossing into Senegal was on tarmac with potholes and massive erosion.

Poor road conditions in Mauritania.

Once at the Diawling National Park in Mauritania, the road and scenery changed considerably.


· 2 min read

I rode to Nouakchott to change money before heading into Senegal the following day. Lots of hustle and bustle in Nouakchott compared to Atar. I quickly found the area with multiple banks in close vicinity. None appeared to change money, which was different to Morocco and Western Sahara. Lots of peop...

· 1 min read

Following the accident and repairs to my motorcycle... I'm now back on the road!

Packing my bags was slow as I had to re-familiarise myself with my packing system. My strength was reduced because I still have some pain in my ribs and wrist.

I was planning to leave and four big rigs turned up...

· 3 min read

Since the rim was fixed in town, I've addressed other aspects of the motorcycle and prepared my kit for imminent action! A huge thank you to Just, the owner of Bab Sahara where I am staying, as he's allowed me to use his workshop and tools. Shelter from the 35+ C afternoon heat has really helped...

· 1 min read

There are many ways a dent in the rim can be fixed, and I'd pondered most whilst considering advice from friends and availability of tools. I was leaning towards using a car jack to push the bend out. However, I was chatting to the owner of the auberge and they suggested just using a hammer. He had...

· 0 min read

Since coming down with something, the diarrhea has continued and I've struggled to take on food and water. Consequently, I've felt depleted with low energy levels. The food that's easily accessible in nearby shops has exacerbated the condition. This morning, I bought bananas and white bread, and I'v...

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The evening after removing the wheel, a few days ago, I started to feel unwell. Since then I've developed a slight fever, achy body, gassy stomach etc. Apparently there's a fever going round right now.

Last night, I endured the worst diarrhea I've ever experienced. Every 1.5 hours, I had to visit...

· 5 min read

Following the accident last week, I'm ready to provide an update. I'll try to keep it concise!

Thanks for all the messages, tremendous kindness, and continued donations. I am very grateful for this!


My diet has consisted of protein (eggs, cheese, tinned sardines, beans, lentils, almonds,...

· 3 min read

A few miles after leaving Terjit yesterday, I came off my motorcycle.

Went over a bump and noticed a pannier touched my leg from the bounce. Looked down at the left pannier then the right, looked up, and saw I was leaving the road at onto gravel and rocks. Motorcycle down. Man down. I think I wa...

· 2 min read

Atar is about 270 miles north east of Nouakchott. I planned to see the Terjit oasis and Chinguetti where there's a UNESCO world site for libraries containing ancient Quranic texts.

My motorcycle's range doesn't stretch to 270 miles even with my two extra 1L fuel canisters. The fuel stations...